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Regnas Custom Jewelry
September 19, 2014
The ring arrived - superb
Regnas Custom Jewelry
September 13, 2014
Bonjour John !!!

Ca y est !!!!!! J'ai reçu ma superbe chevalière !!!! Vraiment la Poste fonctionne bien entre chez vous et la France !!! lol lol
Elle est vraiment magnifique et me va très bien au doigt, je vous remercie du fond du coeur pour votre travail et votre gentillesse !!!
Je tiens à remercier votre équipe qui travail merveilleusement bien !!!!! Félicitations !

A très vite pour les boutons de manchettes ! lol
Un bon week-end à vous Cher John !

Amicalement, Yann
Regnas Custom Jewelry
September 12, 2014
Dear John
I received my ring in the mail today and was very excited to open it and see it in person, but before I could, I found that part of the packaging (which kept everything very intact by the way) was a scarf, which was a really nice gesture. Thanks!

Then I saw the ring, which, if I may say, is beautifully crafted. I love that you got the detail in the intaglio and the fit is perfect.
I was at the British Museum in May, looking at all the beautiful old intaglio rings that were all the rage in Europe over it's history, and I wanted one for myself so bad! Now I have one that is perfect for me.
Thanks for your work!
Regnas Custom Jewelry
August 27, 2014
I received the ring, it is very fine and I thank you for the work.
Thank you.
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