Our Custom Cufflinks Designer helps you create your own personal designs

The custom cufflinks designer by Regnas helps you organise your cufflink designs and easily send them to us for evaluation.  This service is provided free of charge.

The examples of stones, metals, types of attachment and designs are a selection of the more popular choices and using them will usually help to keep costs down. Sourcing more unusual stones and creating more complex designs will, naturally, add to the work entailed which will be reflected in our quote.

Custom Cufflinks Designer Features

  • Select the shape  of your cufflinks
  • Select the variety of stone to be used
  • Select the size of your cufflinks
  • Select whether to include a bezel or protective balls
  • Choose engraved intaglio or sculpted or our overlaid technique
  • Choose the type of metal to be used
  • Indicate any lettering around the side of your cufflinks
  • Select the method or style of attachment

How the Custom Cufflinks Designer works

  • Scroll down this page
  • Click on images and links to view galleries of examples
  • Select from the options and enter your comments
  • Enter as much detail as possible
  • Add your contact details
  • Upload files and images of your design
  • Send your cufflinks design to our team of experts
  • We will get back to you with an evaluation and a quote

Most of our hand engraved custom cufflinks are priced between $350 – $490. We are aiming at affordability whilst providing the very best quality and value.

You can email us directly at regnasjewels@gmail.com or use the contact section of this website if you have questions about the custom cufflinks designer.

Choose the shape of your cufflinks

You can view examples of cufflinks using the shapes outlined below. Just click on any shape.

Oval Cufflinks

Round Cufflinks

Square and rectangular Cufflinks

Shield Cufflinks

Lozenge shaped cufflinks

Cylinder shape cufflinks

Shape not shown


Choose the stone for your custom cufflinks

You can view examples of cufflinks using the stones outlined below. Just click on any stone.



Amethyst is beautiful but we advise minimal designs with this stone as it can be a bit brittle and does not take heavy engraving intaglio or sculpted very well. We also offer a synthetic Amethyst and this can often be a viable option.



A lovely stone with its red inclusions. It is an excellent choice for cufflinks and strong enough to take heavy engraving intaglio or sculpted.


Black Onyx

Always popular, this is a strong and elegant stone that can take very heavy engraving intaglio or sculpted.

Red Agate

Red Agate

Another firm favourite on the custom cufflinks designer. It is strong and can take heavy engraving intaglio or sculpted. Complex designs show well.

Canada Jade

Canada Jade

Canada Jade is a beautiful green stone and very suitable for both engraving intaglio and sculpted designs to cufflinks.

Jade Albite

Jade Albite

Another of the Jade family and a firm favourite being strong enough to take heavy engraving intaglio or sculpted.



An elegant blue stone that can take very heavy engraving intaglio or sculpted. It often shows inclusions of gold.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

A good strong stone and one with great character and a lovely colour. It is suitable for most engraving intaglio or sculpted designs.

Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal

An amazing natural stone which we can engrave intaglio or sculpted designs to. We specialize in sub engraving to these stones.

Stone not shown

None of these stones

If you do not see the stone that you require in the custom cufflinks designer options then select this and give details in the next box.

Use this box to give extra details about your choice of stone or to indicate a stone not shown in our selection.


Choose the size of your cufflinks

View examples in this photo gallery

Note: 29x29mm and 26x26mm are not advised for ROUND or SQUARE shapes. The pictures displayed in our custom cufflinks designer are for reference and comparison only. Lozenge, Shield and Rectangle shapes not displayed. Please use the comment box to give size details.









Do you want to include a bezel and/or Protective Balls?

Note: Including a Bezel in your custom cufflinks design does reduce the area available for engraving. You can view examples of cufflinks that include Bezels. Just click on the image below.

Cufflinks with Bezel

Cufflinks with Bezel and Protective Balls

No thanks


Do you want your cufflinks engraved intaglio or sculpted or overlaid?

You can view examples of cufflinks Engraved Intaglio, Sculpted or Overlaid outlined below. Just click on any design.

Cufflinks Engraved Intaglio

Sculpted Cufflinks

Cufflinks with overlaid design

You can send your design to us using the up-loader at the bottom of the custom cufflinks designer.
If you require help choosing a design use the box below to explain your ideas.
We have a long history of finding Family Crests based on your name and we are expert at Heraldic Design.
We can also suggest designs based on your name, profession, locality of country or place of origin.
Basically we will have a go at anything. Our purpose is to turn your dream cufflinks into reality.


Where appropriate, do you want lettering on your cufflinks?

Note: Lettering can be added around the side or to the back of your cufflinks.
Some Guidlines     Click to View Examples

  • Smaller cufflinks should contain between 5 and 10 letters
  • Larger sized cufflinks should contain around 10 - 28 letters
  • Including hand engraved lettering on your cufflinks will usually add around $120 to the price.

Choose the type of metal for your cufflinks

Note: The swivel type attachment itself cannot be made from 9kt gold as it is not strong enough for such a device. However gold plated swivels are available.

Choose the way your cufflinks are attached

You can view examples of cufflinks using the attachments outlined below. Just click on any type.

Swivel Attachment

Chain & Shaft

Chain & Baton Cufflinks

Cylinder Cufflinks

Cufflinks with Lozenge attachments

Mini ovals cufflink attachments

Shape not shown

All that is left to do is to leave as much detail as possible in the box below (the more information you supply the better), fill in your contact details, load up to six files of your designs and send your design through to our team.

Note: It saves time and leads to a much better design experience if you upload at least one image of your design idea. You might make a very rough drawing on paper, photograph it and send us that as an image.

To include files to send with the custom cufflinks designer:
1. Click on Browse or Choose File 2.Browse to the files you want to send and select them 3. Once they are added they will automatically be sent to us when you hit the send button below.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Message

Upload up to 6 files with your designs.
File types accepted are jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc and docx. File size should not exceed 2 MB

Please be patient. It may take a while to send this design if you added files to upload.