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Our hand engraved and embellished custom rings usually cost from $520 to $1600 silver rings and $1500 to $4000 for 14K Gold depending on materials and design.

You can always email us directly using or use the contact section of this website if you have questions about the custom ring designer.

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Why Use a Custom Ring Designer?

For many people their Jewelry rings are very personal to them. You may be remembering your wedding or an anniversary. Perhaps you want to show allegiance to a club or a cause or a religion. Whatever the reason, when you wear a ring it is often more than just a pretty shiny decoration for the finger. But how do you get that completely personalized ring that is the perfect design just for you? That is where you need a custom ring designer.

At Regnas Jewelry we have been making people’s dream rings a reality for over a decade. It is our great pleasure to work closely with our customers to achieve the best possible rendition of their ring design. However there are some practical decisions to be made.

Things to consider before completing the Custom Ring Designer form

First and foremost – have you actually thought closely about your design? Will it work?

Do you have enough space for the designs?

These designs are either on the face or the chassis of the ring? The overall size of your custom ring design must take into account the hand that wears it. If there is enough room on the ring to add the design, is the size suitable for the wearer? Customers are often tempted to design rings that would need to be too big to wear comfortably. We make rings from around 14mm to over 30mm. Shapes include oval, square, rectangular, round and even shield shapes.

It is also possible to include sculpted shapes such as a frog or a completely custom and random design. We like to say that we will have a go at just about anything but we have to consider what size of ring is suitable both for the design and the wearer.

What materials have you chosen for your custom ring?

We specialize in engraving to various stones both intaglio, into the stone, and sculpted from the stone. However not all stones are the same. As you will see in more detail on our custom ring designer page, some stones are harder and can take more intricate engraving. These are all natural stones so they have natural cracks and inclusions in them. We have many occasions when we crack a stone during the engraving. However we always keep going until we end up with the perfect result.

Gold or Gold Plated Silver?

Did you choose gold for your ring chassis? Of course gold has been the favourite choice for ring designs for centuries. However not all gold is the same. The higher the Karat value the purer the gold but also the softer the metal. Many custom rings will become heirloom pieces to be handed down through the generations. A 14 kt gold piece will have a much better chance of surviving.

Of course we all love gold. However when we create with gold we acknowledge that it will require a serious increase in our budget. In our custom ring designer we have included gold plating as an option. This really helps save on costs and has the exact same look as gold. We plate to sterling silver .925 and this makes a long lasting and strong ring chassis. However if the ring is worn under harsher conditions the gold will eventually wear off.

You can re-plate the ring but that might require the removal of the stone first. Some jewelers will be nervous of offering that service for fear of breaking the stone. If you do get stuck you can always get in touch with us. We can rebuild and re-plate the ring. Additionally you might find that you actually like the look of a worn ring. They sometimes develop quite a new and unique character over the years.

Sterling Silver

You might also want to consider matching the color of the chassis with the stone. A Sterling Silver chassis will look great with a number of stones. Naturally choosing sterling silver can save on costs but it can also enhance some designs. Never rule out a solid sterling silver chassis for your custom ring.

How to choose the best custom ring designer?

In a word reviews. There is nothing better than seeing what other customers have to say about a custom ring designer. Did they take the time to get your design correct? Did they give you a realistic timeframe to complete the job? Was the communication easy and fast? Did they explain all the possibilities as well as the impossibilities of your design? Your first line of communication will be with our chief designer. He gets excited every time a new design comes in. Having someone with his enthusiasm and love of Jewelry is a real bonus. Add to that the fact that he has been working on custom ring designs for many years. You get all of that experience helping you to refine your ring design to perfection.

You can see many hundreds of our reviews here.

The Regnas Jewelry Custom Ring Designer page

We created this page to help you to send us your design for evaluation. The page could have just presented the form to fill in but we wanted to offer more. As you go down the page it will help you to focus more carefully on your design. We hope to show possibilities that you may not have thought of as well as practicalities that must be taken into account.

When we discovered that 80% of visitors were using mobile devices to visit the page we tried to make it easy to use on smaller screens. Believe it or not there are actually 22 different photo galleries included in the page. Click on any photo and a gallery of examples will pop up. They are designed to give you inspiration and demonstrate some of the designs that we have created. We do advise you to close one section before opening the next.

We hope that you will find our custom ring designer page useful and look forward to you completing the form and sending us your unique personalized design.


You can view examples of rings using the shapes outlined below. Just click on any shape.

Custom Ring Designer - Oval Shaped Rings


Custom Ring Designer - Round shaped rings


Square Rings - Custom Ring Designer


Shield shaped Rings - Custom Ring Designer

Shield Shape

You can view examples of rings using the stones outlined below. Just click on any stone.

Amethyst - Custom Ring Designer -

Amethyst is a beautiful stone but in its natural form is prone to being somewhat unstable for engraving intaglio or sculpted. We therefore tend to advise minimal designs with this stone. We also offer a synthetic Amethyst which is often a viable option.

Custom Ring Designer - Bloodstone

A lovely stone with its red inclusions. It is strong enough to take heavy engraving intaglio or sculpted. This is a real favourite but please note: The inclusions can detract from complex designs.

Custom Ring Designer - Onyx
Black Onyx

An all round winner throughout history this is a strong and elegant stone that can take very heavy engraving intaglio or sculpted. It looks great against Gold or silver and its lack of inclusions allow for complex designs.

Custom Ring Designer - Red Agate
Red Agate

Another firm favourite on the custom ring designer. It is a strong stone that can take heavy engraving intaglio or sculpted. The stones are usually clear of inclusions and complex designs tend to show well.

Custom Ring Designer - Canada Jade
Canada Jade

Canada Jade is a beautiful green stone and very suitable for both engraving intaglio or sculpted designs. This stone looks well mounted to silver or gold.

Custom Ring Designer - Jade Albite
Jade Albite

Another of the Jade family and a firm favourite being strong enough to take heavy engraving intaglio or sculpted. Please note: There are natural inclusions can detract from complex designs.

Custom Ring Designer - Lapis

An all round winner throughout history this is a strong and elegant stone that can take very heavy engraving intaglio or sculpted. It looks great against Gold or silver. It often has very attractive natural golden inclusions

Custom Ring Designer - Red Jasper
Red Jasper

A strong stone with a lovely colour and suitable for most engraving intaglio or sculpted designs. The stones do have light inclusions but complex designs tend to show well on this stone.

Custom Ring Designer - Rock Crystal
Rock Crystal

An amazing natural stone which we can engrave intaglio or sculpted designs to. Of course we are somewhat famous for our special sub engraving system.

  • Ring size 12 x 14 mm
  • Ring size 14 mm
  • Ring size 16 x 14 mm
  • Ring size 18 mm
  • Ring size 20 mm
  • Ring size 22 mm
  • Ring size 22 x 18 mm
  • Ring size 26 x 21 mm
  • Ring size 26 x 21 mm
  • Ring size 29 x 22 mm
  • Ring size 29 x 22 mm
Note: 29x29mm and 26x26mm are not advised for ROUND or SQUARE shapes. The pictures displayed in our custom ring designer are for reference and comparison only.

Note: Including a Bezel in your custom ring design DOES reduce the area available for engraving on the ring face. You can view examples of rings using Bezels or Protective Balls outlined below. Just click on any design.

Custom Ring Designer - Ring with Bezel

Ring with Bezel

Custom Ring Designer - Ring with Balls

Ring with Protective Balls

You can view examples of rings Engraved Intaglio, Sculpted or Overlaid outlined below. Just click on any design.

Custom Ring Designer - Engraved Rings

Engraved Intaglio

Custom Ring Designer - Sculpted Rings

Engraved Sculpted

Custom Ring Designer - Overlaid Rings


  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings
  • Lettering on rings

Some Guidlines

  • Smaller rings should contain between 5 and 10 letters

  • Medium sized rings should contain around 10 – 28 letters

  • Large rings should contain around 15 – 32 letters

  • Including hand engraved lettering around your ring will usually add around $120 to the price.

Below is a selection of some our most popular designs.

  • American Eagle Ring Shoulders
  • Buddhist Lotus Flower Ring Shoulders
  • Fleur-de-lis Ring Shoulders
  • Jerusalem Cross Ring Shoulders
  • Lion of Scotland Ring Shoulders
  • maltese Cross Ring Shoulders
  • Presidential Eagle Ring Shoulders
  • Set Square & Compass Ring Shoulders
  • Shamrock Ring Shoulders
  • Skull & Crossbones Ring Shoulders
  • Plain Ring Shoulders 1
  • Plain Ring Shoulders 2
Click Here for a gallery of Ring Shoulder Designs for more inspiration.

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