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When jade is found it comes inside stones, rocks and even boulders.  The value of the rock cannot be seen but only guessed at. In fact it may not contain jade at all. One method of knowing is to strike the stone with a hammer or sledge hammer since a jade-stone will rebound the [...]


Heraldic Cross Designs – Regnas Jewelry


Heraldic Cross designs where created at a time when fighting men on a battlefield did not wear uniforms.  In order to distinguish between friend and foe it was important for a warrior to know under which banner he fought and also the banners of the enemy. We find heraldic crests on both shields and [...]

Heraldic Cross Designs – Regnas Jewelry2019-04-03T16:06:06+07:00

Cufflinks – History and Styles


The development of cufflinks is closely linked to the changing styles of shirts. It was after the Middle Ages that decorations were added to the areas of shirts that are on display. These were the front, neck and sleeve areas. They took the form of embroidered patterns, frills and ruffs. The shirt as we know [...]

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Karat – The Measurement of Gold Purity


Where does the word karat come from? The word karat first entered the English language in the mid-15th Century. It derived from the French word carat which in turn came from the Italian carato. The word almost certainly derives from the Arabic qīrāṭ which came from the Greek kerátion meaning Carob seed. In Greek and [...]

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Seal & Signet Rings


INTRODUCTION Seals have been used throughout history to show personal imprints that act as markings of authenticity and binding agreements and edicts. In the past signet rings were worn by Kings, Popes, Bishops and Roman Emperors. Other high ranking church officials and noblemen also use them as a sign of their nobility, importance and [...]

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Rubies – Sapphires – Corundum Conundrum


Rubies are perhaps the gemstone most often associated with Northern Thailand, where the Regnas Jewelry workshops are based. What are rubies? Rubies are actually red sapphires. They are both made up of the mineral Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3, otherwise known as corundum) with trace deposits of chromium (Cr) or other minerals such as iron.  These give [...]

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Silver – Potosí – Cerro Rico – the Mountain that Ate Men


Silver Silver is money. In French, Thai and many other languages, the words for 'silver' and 'money' are the same. Most currencies denominated in pounds (or livres, lira etc.) were based on a troy pound (= 12 troy ounces) of silver. Norman silver coins in 11th Century England often had stars on them (ster) and [...]

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The Origins Of Birthstones


They are gemstones, of course – some precious, some semi-precious. There are different stones for each month. The wearer can benefit from certain attributes attributed to each stone . The correct stone might confer Peace, protection or wisdom. But that's not even the half of it. The idea of birthstones dates back at least [...]

The Origins Of Birthstones2017-08-01T23:47:13+07:00
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