When jade is found it comes inside stones, rocks and even boulders.  The value of the rock cannot be seen but only guessed at. In fact it may not contain jade at all. One method of knowing is to strike the stone with a hammer or sledge hammer since a jade-stone will rebound the [...]


Rubies – Sapphires – Corundum Conundrum


Rubies are perhaps the gemstone most often associated with Northern Thailand, where the Regnas Jewelry workshops are based. What are rubies? Rubies are actually red sapphires. They are both made up of the mineral Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3, otherwise known as corundum) with trace deposits of chromium (Cr) or other minerals such as iron.  These give [...]

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The Origins Of Birthstones


They are gemstones, of course – some precious, some semi-precious. There are different stones for each month. The wearer can benefit from certain attributes attributed to each stone . The correct stone might confer Peace, protection or wisdom. But that's not even the half of it. The idea of birthstones dates back at least [...]

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